Blockchain Boot Camp

October 24th · 8:30AM - 4PM · Dallas, TX

Blockchain Boot Camp is an intense one day event that aims to educate attendees from zero to sixty on aspects of blockchain, crypto-assets and smart contracts. Our target audience are professionals in fields such as legal, accounting, business, finance, etc.

Meet the event host: Cody Marx Bailey, XRAM Capital

Blockchain Boot Camp is coming to Dallas October 24, 2017, where you can get up to speed on bitcoins, blockchains, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and more. This intense one-day seminar will feature leaders in the industry providing in-depth analysis and strategies around security, legalities, and the financial opportunities available in this fast-growing marketplace.

Blockchain Boot Camp is fortunate to have event host Cody Marx Bailey to kick off the seminar with an introduction to blockchain. Bailey has a distinguished career encompassing over 25 years of entrepreneurship, successfully leveraging his early adoption of internet and computing technologies. During his tenure at Dell, Bailey was the youngest member of their storage engineering team, overseeing performance evaluations of their storage area networks (SANs) across the variety of UNIX variants, and writing software to manage racks of individual UNIX servers before the “cloud” ever existed. At Texas A & M University (TA&M), Bailey worked with the College of Liberal Arts to create a content management system (CMS). He recognized inefficiencies in the organization and developed a modeling tool that allowed the TA&M enterprise to organize their twelve departments, six centers, and five institutions in order to create a more effective working environment for the professors, staff, and students.

Bailey’s entrepreneurial endeavors have resulted in the establishment of unique workspace solutions, internet and technology businesses, and industry leadership in distributed ledger technology (DLT). Founded by Bailey, Creative Space is known as the second shared workspace solution in North America, allowing for a variety of business and creative personalities to share space and resources as they create art, content, companies, and more.

Current projects from Bailey focus on the financial and technological intricacies of DLT, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies. Founded by Bailey, XRAM Capital is a sponsor of the Boot Camp and employs a staff with 30 years of combined experience in the DLT space, directing investments with a long-term and dependable growth strategy. The North Texas Blockchain Alliance (NTBA) was founded by Bailey to serve as the conduit for individuals, students, and companies in north Texas to come together and share knowledge, wisdom and experience in this rapidly growing field.

30% of the proceeds go to the North Texas Blockchain Alliance

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