Blockchain Boot Camp

October 24th · 8:30AM - 4PM · Dallas, TX

Blockchain Boot Camp is an intense one day event that aims to educate attendees from zero to sixty on aspects of blockchain, crypto-assets and smart contracts. Our target audience are professionals in fields such as legal, accounting, business, finance, etc.

Meet our sponsors: North Texas Blockchain Alliance

Blockchain Boot Camp is coming to Dallas October 24, 2017, where you can get up to speed on bitcoins, blockchains, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and more. This intense one-day seminar will feature leaders in the industry providing in-depth analysis and strategies around security, legalities, and the financial opportunities available in this fast-growing marketplace.

The North Texas Blockchain Alliance (NTBA) is a key sponsor of the Blockchain Boot Camp. NTBA is a collaboration between members who are “focused on providing support and organization for events, training, networking, and cooperation around blockchain technologies in the North Texas region.” Seeking to attract enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, developers, technologists, and even students, the NTBA hosts a variety of events from happy hours to bowling to showcases and the upcoming Boot Camp.

NTBA was formed by a core group of enthusiasts who largely shared an interest in startups as well as the distributed ledger technology (DLT) space. Collaboration between the founders in a variety of related and unrelated settings led to the idea of forming the alliance. NTBA leverages the collective interest, knowledge, and experience of the members to allow an exchange of ideas and advice, and provides the opportunity to draw on the specific areas of interest relative to each member. Events focus on reaching out to the entire North Texas region to offer education, investment opportunities, entrepreneurship, and professional development for any members and companies interested in blockchain.

The NTBA will be well represented at the Blockchain Boot Camp and will offer attendees ample opportunity to join the alliance and engage with members. As the alliance expands its membership and expertise, they will “work to create subject matter experts for the industry segments that have shown the most interest in blockchain use cases. These industry segments will have their own programming tracks with meetups, happy hours and showcases,” according to Board Member Stephen Paul Ellis in a conversation with Boot Camp staff. For more information, visit the NTBA website at

30% of the proceeds go to the North Texas Blockchain Alliance

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