Blockchain Boot Camp

October 24th · 8:30AM - 4PM · Dallas, TX

Blockchain Boot Camp is an intense one day event that aims to educate attendees from zero to sixty on aspects of blockchain, crypto-assets and smart contracts. Our target audience are professionals in fields such as legal, accounting, business, finance, etc.

Meet our sponsors: Blockchain Global Advisors

Blockchain Bootcamp is coming to Dallas October 24, 2017, where you can get up to speed on bitcoins, blockchains, crypto-currency, smart contracts, and more. This intense one-day seminar will involve leaders in the industry providing in-depth analysis and strategies around security, legalities, and the financial opportunities available in this fast-growing marketplace.

Event sponsor Blockchain Global Advisors (BGA) is a financial advisor, educator, and venture capital firm with a bold vision to connect high-net-worth investors with the best opportunities, especially around blockchain technology and crypto-assets. CEO Hollis Hedrich is a staunch advocate of blockchain technology and provides added incentive to participate in this seminar. Hedrich, a world traveler, a student of history, and critical thinker, brings over 25 years of experience and unique insight into current events as BGA shares their vision to capitalize on developments in financial technology that will “revolutionize the human experience.”

BGA provides the financial services that will enable forward-thinking people to thrive in this field. The BGA strategy focuses on clients with a high net worth and those who are well established, along with startups in fintech / blockchain that are driving innovation in crypto-currency. BGA raises the capital necessary to fund these new ventures and has a strong commitment to educating investors and their clients in the intricacies of the complex and rapidly changing financial marketplace. As there are presently over 800 different crypto-currencies, BGA acts as the “mentor needed to help individuals and their advisors understand and invest in this ground-breaking new technology.”

Hedrich and BGA are excited to be a part of the Blockchain Bootcamp in Dallas and to help provide a foundation for participants to understand the dynamics of crypto-currency. In a conversation with Blockchain Bootcamp, Hedrich expressed his support for the event, and in particular, the joint action with speaker and sponsor Cody Marx Bailey of XRAM Capital in the effort to educate investors and provide “collaboration on the XRAM hedge fund” to “bring crypto-currency investment to high net worth people and their advisors.”

30% of the proceeds go to the North Texas Blockchain Alliance

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