Blockchain Boot Camp

October 24th · 8:30AM - 4PM · Dallas, TX

Blockchain Boot Camp is an intense one day event that aims to educate attendees from zero to sixty on aspects of blockchain, crypto-assets and smart contracts. Our target audience are professionals in fields such as legal, accounting, business, finance, etc.

Meet our sponsors: Winstead PC

Blockchain technology is one of the most secure ways to conduct a transaction, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency; however, there are still some misconceptions about the capabilities and benefits of blockchain. To help demystify this promising technology, a one-day Blockchain Boot Camp will be held in Dallas on October 24, 2017, where industry leaders will provide valuable information to business professionals who would like to utilize blockchain in their lines of work.

As a leading firm in banking law, Winstead PC understands the importance of innovative technology and rarely has an industry seen such a leap forward as cryptocurrency. Winstead PC is proud to join Blockchain Boot Camp as one of this year’s sponsors. Founded in 1973, Winstead PC is one of the largest corporate law firms in the U.S., with their largest office right here in Dallas, Texas, and others located across Texas and in North Carolina. Winstead PC has a long list of accomplishments, such as being named on a list of the 250 largest law firms in the U.S. in 2012 by the National Law Journal, forty-eight of their attorneys being awarded the title of Texas Super Lawyer, eight attorneys being included in the 2018 Lawyers of the Year listing by Best Lawyers, and the firm itself being ranked as BTI Brand Elite in 2017.

Blockchain technology goes hand in hand with protecting the integrity of cryptocurrency and also offers security and transparency for various business applications. In late August, Winstead PC expressed interest in and advised cautious handling of cryptocurrency in a news release. “We’re excited to help host the boot camp and its focus on learning the ins and outs of blockchain. Cody [Marx Bailey] is an excellent teacher and a thought leader in the bitcoin and blockchain community,” said shareholder Andrew J. Rosell.

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30% of the proceeds go to the North Texas Blockchain Alliance

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